She was a Roadtrippin’ | One Direction Yeh … Road Trip Nutrition

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Later this month I will be taking a road trip from Albuquerque, NM across the US to western Florida. Road trips can be a great excuse to eat out every meal, eat food from gas stations, drink a ton of coffee, and stay dehydrated. 

This may come as a surprise…but practicing the above while on a road trip is not ideal. It can lead to bloating, fatigue, dehydration, irregular digestion and elimination, and overall sense of discomfort. 

Some tips for maintaining health and wellness while on a road trip are below:

 1. Plan Snacks | Pack a variety of trail mixes! Choose shelf-stable fruits like apples or dried fruits. Choose wax-wrapped shelf-stable cheese and crackers. Hearty veggies like carrots, broccoli, and celery are great to dip in nut butters, hummus, or guac. A great go-to can be a quality protein bar; choose one the fewest ingredients, I recommend RxBars (not an ad, just like the product). 

2. Use a Cooler | If space allows, use a cooler or lunch bag with ice packs to bring along yogurts, delicate fruits, or to store the dips mentioned above. If accessibility allows, you can microwave veggies in the hotel or b&b you are staying in the morning before you take off, and they can be consumed throughout the drive as a fiber-full meal. 

3. Hydrate | On long road trips, it may not sound appealing to stop every hour or hour and a half to use the restroom, but staying hydrated is really important to mitigate fatigue. In lie of chugging a bottle of what each hour, you can sip on the bottle over a two hour period and supplement hydration with grapes or melon. 

Keep an eye on my Instagram page for pictures of the upcoming road trip! Reach out with questions you may have about packing food for your road trip!