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I’m Celestina Brunetti, the Food Interpreter; helping to translate your nutrition prescription into a delicious meal! 

As a chef and dietitian, I empower my clients to strengthen their skills to create wholesome and delicious meals for their specific wellness goals.

At Wellness Cucina excellent food is our priority & passion…good nutrition just falls into place.

  • 1Debra

    "Celestina was there to guide me every step of the way, she provided the accountability I needed to make this lifestyle change sustainable."

  • 1Hugh

    "The best part of working with Celestina was the clear responses to specific questions and concerns."

  • 1Vanessa

    "We enjoyed her professionalism, organization and prompt attention to detail on the menu and preparation of dinners."

  • 1Anna

    "Celestina has such a cool approach to working with clients."

  • 1Bob

    "My wife and I did not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or serving, and were able to enjoy the whole time with our family!"

  • 1Margarita

    "For an out of the box experience in Albuquerque hire Chef Celestina of Wellness Cucina to wow your tastebuds!"

  • 1Veronica

    "I appreciate the fact that she is a registered dietitian and trained chef which is a great combination. She really cares about her clients and is vested in their success."

  • 1Dalma

    "Chef Celestina is able to creatively put together vegetarian dishes for our specific dietary restrictions; she understands the flavors we like and the quality of the meals are outstanding!"

  • 1Stan

    "It was fun being able to work with Chef Celestina to develop a restaurant quality menu that my wife and I truly enjoyed."

  • 1Ashley

    "Chef Celestina's  motto is "everything in moderation". As my dietitian she answered every question, explained every statistic - so incredibly knowledgeable!"

  • 1Josh

    I learned is that I had a good base of nutrition knowledge already, but I was unable to put it into practice because of my minimal culinary knowledge and skill set. Celestina was able to pick up on that and focused more time on helping maturing my culinary skills and confidence in the kitchen. The one-on-one, in-home cooking sessions where excellent; we were able to hone in on some of the cooking methods that were a bit more complex.

  • 1Karen

    People say it’s not a diet, but rather a lifestyle change and I understand that now; I have a radically new outlook on taking care of myself in a way I’d never considered before. I became more aware of what I was putting into my body, why, what felt good and what didn’t, and I gained respect for myself along the way!

  • 1Stacey

    An amazing cook! It was such a special Mother’s Day because of Celestina.

  • 1Diane

    I was concerned about the time commitment of working with a dietitian for three months, but Celestina was extremely flexible and worked with our schedules. Working with Wellness Cucina has been beneficial to the whole family and we’ve learned and found comfort in knowing that there are always alternatives to foods that we enjoy, that fit within the nutrition plan.

  • 1Patrick
    If you want a FIRST CLASS meal with a FIRST CLASS Chef, look no further. Chef Celestina came to our house and cooked up the best birthday meal for my wife (and me of course). Her professionalism made me look like the husband of the year. Best part, the kitchen was cleaner when she left then when she arrived. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
  • 1Jessie

    Celestina came to my home and it was like sitting at the Chef's table at a high class restaurant. She set the table, made sure our drinks were filled at all times all while prepping, cooking and cleaning her way through my kitchen. The food and the experience was PHENOMENAL!

  • 1Susan

    Celestina has prepared several meals for us now. I love to see what she comes up with. My husband will now eat healthier is Celestina is the one who cooks it.

  • 1Eva

    Developing an enticing menu with you for our special evening was such fun, and each of our courses from appetizers through desserts were beautifully crafted and simply delicious. And to top that off, you took such great care of us so that we could truly relax and enjoy the evening with our dinner companions. We had a blast!! -- and can’t wait to do it again.

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Meet the Food Interpreter

The Food Interpreter | Chef Celestina Brunetti RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Licensed

While perched upon my Nonna’s kitchen counter; I eagerly watched as she fried her hand-rolled meatballs, stirred the salsa, and arranged the pasta for Sunday dinner. I knew at a young age that one can evoke emotions through food. I wanted that skill!

My next epiphany came while attending culinary school; my first nutrition lab opened my eyes to the addition of subtle flavors in new and innovative ways. I pursued culinary nutrition with the intent to blend the worlds of culinary arts and dietetics.

I honed my culinary skills under Chef Rocco Sacramone of Trattoria L’incontro in Astoria, NY and at B&B Ristorate by Mario Batali in Las Vegas, NV. With several years of fine dining experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to teach you the simple skills to create flavorful, restaurant quality dishes in your home.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I have experience providing nutrition counseling in hospitals, as well as in the community setting. I’ve worked with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension developing disease-specific culinary nutrition classes for the Las Vegas community. Creating nutritious meals while being able to evoke emotions, and great memories through food are essential to blending the two worlds of culinary and dietetics!

At Wellness Cucina we believe in creating a lifestyle that embraces good food, good health, and smart choices that work best for your body and life!

Wellness Cucina serves clients Albuquerque, NM and surrounding areas.

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Quick Facts:

Food Enthusiast

Self-Proclaimed Coffee Snob

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Johnson & Wales Univ. Alum


Wellness Cucina - Personal Chef, Dietitian, Wellness, Health, Nutrition, Cooking, Health
Dietitian, Personal Chef, Nutritionist

What Clients are Saying

“For the quality and experience, Wellness Cucina is the best bang for your buck for at-home events. Chef Celestina is not only a brilliant chef, but is also an extremely pleasant person and we look forward to having her back!” —Bob

“Having a personal chef cook for your family is truly a different experience than a restaurant, the interaction with the chef is unique and having the opportunity to ask questions is so much fun! For an out of the box experience in Albuquerque hire Chef Celestina of Wellness Cucina to wow your tastebuds!” —Margarita

“She really cares about her clients and is vested in their success. I am learning lifestyle changes for my health & wellness that will help me long term. I am seeing progress with my weight loss weekly. ” —Veronica

“If you’re looking for someone to prescribe you a trendy diet or cleanse, go elsewhere. If you’re looking for someone to help you take back your life and get you results (while eating delicious food!), call Wellness Cucina.” —Ashley

“Chef Celestina whipped up a four course meal for my wife and I, while we were able to unwind after a long week.” –Stan

“We gained a wealth of knowledge from one-on-one cooking sessions, and the notes from the grocery store tour as well as notes after every meeting. Celestina provided resources so that we were able to do additional research on a variety of supplements or foods she recommended.” –Diane

“I learned that I had a good base of nutrition knowledge already, but I was unable to put it into practice because of my minimal culinary knowledge and skill set. Celestina was able to pick up on that and focused more time on helping to mature my culinary skill set and confidence in the kitchen. The one-on-one cooking sessions were excellent; we were able to hone in on some of the cooking methods that were a bit more complex.” –Josh



Albuquerque, NM 87111


Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–4:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment Only



E: cbrunettiwellness@gmail.com

T: 718.213.1096

What We Do



Gut Health

Personal Chef

Dietitian, Personal Chef, Nutritionist
Guts - Female Organs - Human Anatomy
Dietitian, Personal Chef, Nutritionist

‘…our body is an ecosystem. This ecosystem must be maintained…’ Ilchi Lee

The Food Interpreter | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

As a Food Interpreter, I translate my clients’ nutrition prescriptions into delicious meals. By blending the worlds of culinary arts and nutrition I help my clients to bridge the gap between good nutrition and good food. Together, we focus on creating a lifestyle that will last forever, not a diet with an expiration date! 

Blending the worlds means showing my clients the tricks of the trade while teaching them how to use cooking methods, herbs & spices, and culinary knowledge to create meals that aren’t repetitive, but are delicious and meet their wellness needs. 

When working with my clients we focus on renewing confidence to be able to create flavorful and healthful meals at home. I believe in focusing on the foods you can eat, versus those you can’t, and modifying foods you love to meet your needs! There is always a way to rework a recipe to my clients’ wellness plan. Moderation is the true key to a sustainable lifestyle change; meaning that the occasional gelato or slice of cake can fit into my client’s lifestyle!

My clients learn to become more in-tune with the food they are consuming and their bodies. This process allows them to recognize changes by how clothing fits, improved energy levels, and ability to perform day-to-day activities with ease. Together, we build a foundation of mindfulness and positivity; focus is on slowing down the eating process and enjoying a meal, all while nourishing the body. 

At Wellness Cucina, I work with those with Autoimmune Disorders as well as Gut/Brain Barrier related issues such as leaky gut, yeast & fungal overgrowths, and those seeing improved health and wellness overall; I provide my clients with the tools and skills they need to succeed for the long-term. 

No two people are the same, so no two nutrition plans will be identical; all plans are created individually taking into account lifestyle, genetics, food preferences, and health history. My plans are targeted to improve my clients’ lives for the long-term; together we create small, meaningful changes, which over time, become engrained into the daily routine.

Significant life changes take time and I am there every step of the way to guide and support my clients on their journey towards a sustainable lifestyle of renewed health and wellness.

‘No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.’

Julia Child

Personal Chef Services

Wellness Cucina provides in-home, personal chef services for all of your needs. We specialize in: 

Couple’s Date Night, Intimate Anniversary Dinners, Couples Cooking Classes, Family Cooking Classes, Diabetes Cooking Classes, Heart Health Cooking Classes, Realtor Gifts: Welcome Home Dinners, Ladies’ Night Parties, Holiday Parties, and Corporate Lunch & Learn Events.

What does working with Wellness Cucina look like?

Personal Chef services include Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping, Meal Preparation, Serving and/or Packaging and Clean Up.

Frequency: Weekly, BiWeekly, BiMonthly, Monthly, Special Occasion, Supper Club

Example Options: Meal Prepping, 2 Meals in 1 Session, Multi-Course Meals

We do not have set menus. We create our menus exclusively for our client’s needs and tastes. 

'A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.'  
-Thomas Keller

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