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I’m Celestina Brunetti, the Food Interpreter; helping to translate your nutrition prescription into a delicious meal! 

As a chef and dietitian, I empower my clients to strengthen their skills to create wholesome and delicious meals for their specific wellness goals.

At Wellness Cucina excellent food is our priority & passion…good nutrition just falls into place.

  • 1Debra

    "Celestina was there to guide me every step of the way, she provided the accountability I needed to make this lifestyle change sustainable."

  • 1Hugh

    "The best part of working with Celestina was the clear responses to specific questions and concerns."

  • 1Vanessa

    "We enjoyed her professionalism, organization and prompt attention to detail on the menu and preparation of dinners."

  • 1Anna

    "Celestina has such a cool approach to working with clients."

  • 1Bob

    "My wife and I did not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or serving, and were able to enjoy the whole time with our family!"

  • 1Margarita

    "For an out of the box experience in Albuquerque hire Chef Celestina of Wellness Cucina to wow your tastebuds!"

  • 1Veronica

    "I appreciate the fact that she is a registered dietitian and trained chef which is a great combination. She really cares about her clients and is vested in their success."

  • 1Dalma

    "Chef Celestina is able to creatively put together vegetarian dishes for our specific dietary restrictions; she understands the flavors we like and the quality of the meals are outstanding!"

  • 1Stan

    "It was fun being able to work with Chef Celestina to develop a restaurant quality menu that my wife and I truly enjoyed."

  • 1Ashley

    "Chef Celestina's  motto is "everything in moderation". As my dietitian she answered every question, explained every statistic - so incredibly knowledgeable!"

  • 1Josh

    I learned is that I had a good base of nutrition knowledge already, but I was unable to put it into practice because of my minimal culinary knowledge and skill set. Celestina was able to pick up on that and focused more time on helping maturing my culinary skills and confidence in the kitchen. The one-on-one, in-home cooking sessions where excellent; we were able to hone in on some of the cooking methods that were a bit more complex.

  • 1Karen

    People say it’s not a diet, but rather a lifestyle change and I understand that now; I have a radically new outlook on taking care of myself in a way I’d never considered before. I became more aware of what I was putting into my body, why, what felt good and what didn’t, and I gained respect for myself along the way!

  • 1Stacey

    An amazing cook! It was such a special Mother’s Day because of Celestina.

  • 1Diane

    I was concerned about the time commitment of working with a dietitian for three months, but Celestina was extremely flexible and worked with our schedules. Working with Wellness Cucina has been beneficial to the whole family and we’ve learned and found comfort in knowing that there are always alternatives to foods that we enjoy, that fit within the nutrition plan.

  • 1Patrick
    If you want a FIRST CLASS meal with a FIRST CLASS Chef, look no further. Chef Celestina came to our house and cooked up the best birthday meal for my wife (and me of course). Her professionalism made me look like the husband of the year. Best part, the kitchen was cleaner when she left then when she arrived. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
  • 1Jessie

    Celestina came to my home and it was like sitting at the Chef's table at a high class restaurant. She set the table, made sure our drinks were filled at all times all while prepping, cooking and cleaning her way through my kitchen. The food and the experience was PHENOMENAL!

  • 1Susan

    Celestina has prepared several meals for us now. I love to see what she comes up with. My husband will now eat healthier is Celestina is the one who cooks it.

  • 1Eva

    Developing an enticing menu with you for our special evening was such fun, and each of our courses from appetizers through desserts were beautifully crafted and simply delicious. And to top that off, you took such great care of us so that we could truly relax and enjoy the evening with our dinner companions. We had a blast!! -- and can’t wait to do it again.

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