What’s the Hype on Energy Bites | Can they be Healthy?

Wellness, Nutrition, Diet, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Personal ChefEnergy bites can come in all shapes and forms…protein rich, fruit and nut centered, so sweet they should be dessert. 

Energy bites can be a healthy snack option as long as they are well balanced rather than sweet chocolate truffles masking themselves as healthy. 

I always recommend staying as natural with the ingredients as possible, when possible! Many of the energy bites I make typically have a dried fruit (like dates) at the base for sweetness and fiber. I then add a ground nut (like almonds, cashews, or pistachios) for protein, fat, and fiber. You can build upon them from there with citrus zest, and spices (like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, allspice).

Some of my favorite fruit and nut based recipes include : 

1.5 c almonds          1.5 c dates               .75 c unsweetened coconut                          1 T lime zest                1 T lime juice

1 cup dates               .5 almond flour              2 T almond flour       2 T water                     1 T flax meal           Coat in: .25 c dried raspberries                 2 T coconut flake

1 cup dates               .5 almond flour        1T cocoa                .25 c carob chips      1 c oats                      1 T chia seeds       .25 t peppermint extract

There are also energy bites that are oat centered with a nut butter holding them together. These are also a great option for energy on the go. If you want to omit sugar as a whole replace the honey with a little more nut butter and add a tablespoon of water at a time, until the mixture comes together. Experimenting with adding veggies to the energy bites can help to keep it interesting! 

These are some of my go-to oat based recipes:

1 small beet               2 T coconut oil           5 T water                 1.5 c oats                 .25 c hemp seeds     .5 c flax meal             .5 c coconut flake   2T cocoa                     1 c carob chips

1 c oats                         1 c carob chips          1 c flax meal             .5 c nut butter         .25 c honey                    1 t vanilla extract       1-2 t water to bind

1.5 c oats                   .5 c pumpkin puree  .5 c peanut butter   .25 c honey             .25 t cinnamon       .25 t pumpkin spice  1 t vanilla extract    2T flax meal

Keep energy bites in your bag, at the office, or consciously take them with you when you leave the house so that you always have a healthy option to reach for instead of rolling through a drive-thru and making decisions while hangry/too hungry to function! 

Arborio Rice Pudding

I grew up eating rice pudding as an after school snack. My nonna, Rina, would make me delicious snacks like brown sugar sweet potatoes (it is basically like eating candy!), heat up last nights leftovers, or if I was really lucky she would have rice pudding cooling in the pan on the stove! 

Rice pudding was by far one of my favorite after school “snacks.” By no means was her recipe nutritionally balanced, but as a kid…the macronutrient breakdown is not what you after…taste was king! The softened rice perfectly balanced with milk, sugar, and citrus instigated a party on my tastebuds! 

I’ve since modified the ratios my nonna used and I am sharing it with you all today! 

Sometimes I like to add a bit of freshly grated cinnamon, cardamom or allspice to the pudding for a different flair. You can also try dried fruit like apricots, tart cherries, or golden raisins. 

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