Arborio Rice Pudding

I grew up eating rice pudding as an after school snack. My nonna, Rina, would make me delicious snacks like brown sugar sweet potatoes (it is basically like eating candy!), heat up last nights leftovers, or if I was really lucky she would have rice pudding cooling in the pan on the stove! 

Rice pudding was by far one of my favorite after school “snacks.” By no means was her recipe nutritionally balanced, but as a kid…the macronutrient breakdown is not what you after…taste was king! The softened rice perfectly balanced with milk, sugar, and citrus instigated a party on my tastebuds! 

I’ve since modified the ratios my nonna used and I am sharing it with you all today! 

Sometimes I like to add a bit of freshly grated cinnamon, cardamom or allspice to the pudding for a different flair. You can also try dried fruit like apricots, tart cherries, or golden raisins. 

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